Tehničke i političke dokumenti

The Policy Papers consists in 6 National roadmaps, addressed to MED regions, to pave the ground to a favorable policy and entrepreneurial context to extend the environmental footprint approach based on territorial domain characterizes and for the legitimation of the Mediterranean PEF oriented parameters.

The 6 National roadmaps, that started from the lesson learnt following the implementation of stress tests in each Country, were developed by the 6 agri-food Federations involved in PEFMED to suggest to policymakers and to the national stakeholders a shortlist of topics that should be tackled to promote at national scale the PEF approach and/or the PEF-based sustainability standards.

Indeed, the test phase’s lesson learnt during the 9 stress test, has provided sharped information to size the posture of MED agri-food sector to new EU environmental standards. The National PEF Sustainability Roadmap focused on MED productions played a crucial role in this framework. They aim to extend the PEF-based environmental footprint approach to new MED agri-food supply chains and to further product groups to streamline knowledge transfer method, systemic requirements, market leadership and funding portfolios.

Joint Protocol And Position Papers

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    Roadmaps To Encourage Pef Uptake

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