On-line repository

This on-line repository is conceptualized to facilitate the fast creation, sharing and transfer of collaborative knowledge in a highly accessible and visible manner.

The goal is to roll the message out of the bottle, supporting stakeholders and potential new practitioners also coming from the neighbouring countries of the Adriatic area to learn from the PEFMED & PEFMED PLUS case studies and experience, catch the technical and economic background and likely to replicate them.

This online workspace is addressed to specific target groups such as agri-food companies, associations, technological performers, environmentalists and public administrations, local communities and interested parties and aims any interested stakeholder to go more deeply in the PEF methodology and try to follow the best practices offered by PEFMED PLUS and test the self-evaluation tools used during the knowledge transfer activities.

The on-line repository will contain:

  • Technical and dissemination materials
  • Project Outputs
  • Best practices
  • Self-evaluation tools
  • Templates to replicate new Memorandum of Understanding and Protocols

The PEFMED PLUS on-line repository is powered by SEVT, the Hellenic Federation of Food Industries.